A Secure Door Provides Maximum Protection.

With our range of door entry systems, we can provide you with the right option for your individual needs.

Our door entry systems include telephones, panels and video monitors; plus, we can combine coded access systems for more in-depth security. 


Why Use Door Entry Systems?

If you are wondering if a door entry system is for you, please consider the following:

Door intercom systems provide an easy method to manually ensure that only those that you choose to allow access to your property can enter.

Door entry systems give you the added security of knowing who is at your door at any time, without having to peer through a peep hole.

Door entry systems provide a more efficient method of access for those living in upper floor apartments or flats.

Door entry systems provide security to those who feel vulnerable opening their front door.

If you fit into any of these categories then it’s time for you to consider a door entry system.

From One Door Intercoms to Multiple Station Systems

Our systems range in size from the simplest one door intercom to multiple station systems for both commercial and residential premises.

We supply and maintain all the major brands, including:




Bell Systems



Is it Time to Start Taking Control of Your Door?




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