System Take-Over

Fire & Security System Take-Over 

Whether you have a non-maintained system or are looking to change maintenance provider, we can take over your existing security system(s).

Our team of experienced engineers have the skills and knowledge to work with any system, ensuring a smooth hand-over with minimum disruption


Customers come to us to take over their existing systems for a variety of different reasons, including:

  • Dissatisfaction at the service provided by the previous alarm systems company
  • The alarm is faulty, and the customer cannot solve it in-house
  • Their previous security systems company is no longer operating
  • They want to use a more reliable firm or perhaps one more local to them
  • They want to use a company who can integrate their alarm with other security measures such as access control, fire alarms, door systems, CCTV etc
  • They simply require a more competitive price

How Much Does it Cost?

That depends on your space, number of sensors, and condition they are in. While take overs are typically cheaper than new installations, we find the best way to build an accurate quote is to discuss with you directly.

In order to better understand your system and requirements we would typically carry out a site visit at no cost to you.

Does it Matter what Brand my System is?

Although we can take over most systems, there are some that we are unable to support.

Want to learn more, or find out how Southern Fire & Security can take over your current system? We look forward to hearing from you.